Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News for our Bailey girl!!

Well Bailey has continued to improve and pretty much doesn't seem to be sick at all! She got her stitches taken out at the vets today and her incision looks good! The lab value we needed came back, and actually was NOT what we wanted, but the vet said that it was certainly NOT confirmative of distemper and at this point he thinks she does NOT have distemper. Some of you may have seen my post on her enamel loss on her teeth in the health folder, he looked at her teeth and said it's just plaque!! The other vet was mistaken(I think he just really thought she had distemper) While it's horrible she's only 8 months and has that much plaque, it's way better then having enamel loss!! She also got a few vaccinations that the shelter didn't give and another dewormer and she'll have to get a few booster shots in 3 weeks and then little miss Bailey shouldn't have to go to vet for a whole year!! We're really happy that she's healthy!! Oh and she also gained 2 pounds since Tuesday when she was so sick. :D :mrgreen: :D

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