Friday, January 30, 2009

Romping with Daddy

Will took Hudson out back yesterday evening to have some play time after his walk. He LOVES to chase tennis balls and play keep away with them, and he loves to shake toys back and forth really fast in his mouth. It's quite hilarious. My pics are a little bit grainy because it was getting dark out and I needed to push the ISO on the camera up to 1600 to be able to get the action shots. I just love my boy in these pics, doesn't it look like he's smiling?

Hudson's namesake

Hudson was named for Tim Hudson from the Atlanta Braves by his previous owner. This name definitely fits him and I couldn't imagine him being called anything else. Especially not late for dinner..hahaha.....(Hudson says his mommy is NOT funny even though she wishes she was).

Hudson and his mommy

This dog is SO laid back and sweet and lets me hold him like a baby. I love it and I think he's pretty fond of it too. He's such a people dog. Look for a post with pics of Hudson playing with his daddy later today.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreaming about the mailman?

Hudson dreams just about every time he naps. How do I know? Because he breaths heavy, grumbles, and his body shakes like he's running. I wonder what he dreaming about, the mailman perhaps? Yesterday a mailman came to the door, and Hudson was by my side in seconds checking things out. The whole time I was signing for packages, my boy was by my side "woofing" under his breath and grumbling a little bit. He was daring that mailman to mess with his mommy! I couldn't help but be proud of him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hudson in the snow

It snowed a little bit last night and I was anxious to see how Hudson would react. He sniffed around in it a little bit, did his business, took a few enthusiastic laps around the yard, and was ready to come back in. I think he was cold. Hudson needs a coat!

Mom, put the camera down and let me in!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things we are learning about our boy.

I'm happy to report (albeit a little grossed out) that we plucked a lifeless tapeworm off of our boy's bottom and he seems much more active and alert today. Also, I haven't seen him scratch all day. So we've learned a few things about our boy since he came home. Much to my delight, he can catch treats in the air, and he's rather good at it. I was so excited I squealed like a little girl. He also loves toys and will play keep away, chases tennis balls, and catch tennis balls. We got him a stuffed "pheasant" that makes a honking sound and he's having a ball taking it to his crate and squeaking it. On our daily walks, Hudson tries to chase squirrels and "tree" them. We can't let him off the leash to go in other people yards, so unfortunately all he can do at this point is perk his ears and try to chase them. Oh how I can't wait until it gets warm and we can do all kinds of fun outdoors things with him and let him actually chase squirrels.

Monday, January 26, 2009

No dogs better mess with MY mom and dad.

Me and Will were just watching paranormal state, and all of a sudden Hudson, from a deep peaceful nap, jumps up and starts doing these cute little "half barks" as I like to call them. They sound like "woof-woof" with air coming out of his jowls. He was UNHAPPY because he had heard a dog barking on TV. It took us a couple of minutes to convince him there was no dog, but he was all ready to defend his turf. Good boy.

A visit to Mr. Vet

Today is Hudson's 3rd day here, and he had his first visit to the vet today. He had some kind of hair loss going on on his back and tail area. We thought it may be allergy related. The vet says he thinks it is a flea allergy, and it's been itching him so bad, he's got "hotspots" all up and down his back. We will fix this by keeping him on a flea preventative year round, he also got a cortisone shot to help with the itchiness. It seems to be helping. Our boy is heartworm negative and got his heartworm preventative today, along with his flea preventative. He will get both once a month. Our boy also has a minor ear infection in one of his ears, most likely due to his weakened immune system caused by the allergies. He has a population of yeast and staph growing in his floppy ear that needs to move it on out! They don't belong in my boy's ear. We will fix them by using an anti-fungal/antibacterial combo ear cream. We will also keep his ears clean and dry to prevent future infections. Lastly, Hudson has tapeworms most likely caused by eating the fleas he had, we fixed them by giving him a shot to make them detach from his intestinal wall. Our boy weighs 56lbs and we want him to gain about 20 lbs. He should be there in no time. He did AMAZING at the vet, was polite to everyone and behaved like the gentleman he is. Our boy will be neutered next month, I haven't told him yet. :) We had a great day with our boy, after the vet visit he enjoyed an evening walk with mom and dad and he had NO accidents in the house and has been doing his business very well outside.

Hudson's first day

Hudson was a mostly outside dog at his previous home. We wanted him to be an inside dog, so on his first day home, we began the process of converting him to living indoors. This includes taking him out every hour for potty breaks and crate training him. He didn't like the crate at first, but to the utter delight of his mommy, Hudson went into the crate ON HIS OWN on his very first day home. I had given him a rawhide, he happily took it and went into the crate. So he knows it's his "den". Hudson also took his first trip to Petco on his first day and made out with a lot of loot. He got some food, some oatmeal shampoo, some new dishes, some new toys, treats, a HUGE crate, and a new stylish leash and collar. He did so well in the store. He seems to be very relaxed around people of all ages AND other dogs. His mom and dad were also delighted that he simply ignores our 4 Siamese cats. They, on the other hand, did NOT ignore him. They are coming around fast though. The first night did not go super well. He cried in the crate and we gave in and let him out, and his mommy ended up sleeping on the couch.
The first time Hudson got in his crate on his own.

Snuggling up to daddy on his first day home.
We found Hudson's kitty sisters, Tessa and Hannah, is his crate.

Hudson the Hero

I started this blog to chronicle our first dog, a beautiful 1 and a half year old Weimaraner named Hudson. He came home on January 24, 2009 and he is a hero. You see, Hudson belonged to a boy with terminal cancer named Tyler. He wanted a puppy and his wonderful parents got him Hudson, named for the Atlanta Braves baseball player. Sadly, Tyler passed away last July. It became painful for Tyler's parents to keep Hudson, a constant reminder of their beloved son. They decided it was best for them and Hudson to find him a new home. His new home is with us, his dad Will and his mom Stephanie. We have had him for 2 days and we already love him dearly. He is a gentle, compassionate dog with a wonderful, calming spirit. On his first day home, he was already on our couch curling up for long naps. This blog will serve as a place for me, his mommy to chronicle his life and milestones. Welcome.