Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's been a LONG time-an UPDATE

First and foremost, Bailey went to a new home last night. Me and Will had struggled with the decision for quite some time, but Bailey was NOT getting what she needed from us in our home. Bailey needed a family with kids to keep her occupied and play with her, with our busy schedules we just didn't have the time, and Bailey spent too much time in her crate. A wonderful family with a little girl took her to be her furever family. They were wonderful and I know Bailey will be truly happy with them. I keep thinking of me and Will as sort of her "foster family". We got her healthy, put some weight on her, crate trained and potty trained her and got her ready for her permanent family. They also know she is energetic and the man of the family is active and plans to run with her everyday. She took to them right away and wasn't sad to leave us at all, I was actually thankful for that, she jumped right into their vehicle.
Secondly, our boy Hudson will always be a permanent part of our family. It's hard to explain just how perfect he fits with us, and we love him dearly. I truly believe that Bailey will be to this family, what Hudson is to us, and she will be appreciated as she should be. She truly was a great dog, just not right for us. On a lighter note, Hudson is doing just fine, he is the same big lovable velcro boy he always has been. As I type he is next to me on the couch sleeping. We love him so much.