Monday, May 4, 2009

Yet another vet visit for Bailey

On Saturday Bailey came inside with what appeared to be a painful, slightly swollen toe, and she was limping on it. We watched it all weekend and it didn't get better, so today I brought her back to the vet (again!) to have it looked at. An X-ray confirmed it was broken. *big sigh* She'll have to be sedated to have it set and splinted, and the splint will need to be on for 6 weeks. She just finished her course of antibiotics and was totally back to normal, so it's only logical that something else bad would have to happen right? I'm not bitter, I love the little hellion, but keeping an active 9 month old puppy subdued for 6 weeks is going to quite the challenge, that and the fact it has to be kept dry and I swear it rains everyday here, we're going to be weak and weary when this is all over LOL.

Her X-ray

See the break in the first toe?

It's pretty swollen :(


  1. Awww poor puppy!!! It must be a "Bailey" thing...when my Bailey was a puppy, he had diareah once a month. Or if it wasn't that, he had a hernia until he was 4 months old and then a few months after his last bout of diareah, he got a sports hernia on the EXACT spot where his imbilical hernia used to be...and it ruptured. So I became well known around my vets office the first year. His "bad luck" fortunately wore off after year 1. So hang in there!!! :0)

  2. LOL thanks! Yeah the staff at our vet definitely know us!